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We transform your idea into an APP, Web Site, e-commerce or software.  Our programming experts are ready to help you achieve your goals.  

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About Us

ITACON Corporation

Over 15 years of experience working and developing business solutions and strategies in the IT Industry. Currently leading IT projects in Puerto Rico, offering technology solutions and improving business operations and services for customers developing custom applications, software, cloud services, data science, machine learning, and Blockchain technology.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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Software Development

Custom Software or Integration

Our software developers own the process of transforming data into organized structure for a products such as mobile apps, websites, or reporting systems for any business need.

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Data Science and Analytics

Consulting for Data and Analytics

We provide effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of data, arming you with actionable insights that will guide you toward more assured decisions and better results.

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ITACON Corporation

Since 2001, ITACON has been developing custom written bespoke software applications for established businesses and start-ups.

Software Development

Mobile, Blockchain Design, Full Stack Software Development

Data Science and Consulting

Let us know your Data Science and Business needs.

Cloud Services

The cloud provides a space to store your data and apps securely.

Network Services

Network platforms keep your business connected.

"Information technology facilitates the exchange of information and provides the path for business improvement and success."


Data Science Consulting

Our data science and analytics services will provide the solution and the tools to measure, forecast, and complete sales cycles, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory to support the decision making in your business. Data science, machine learning, and reporting are tools that increase your business performance and the accuracy for decision-making.

Software Experience

We have a solid experience in development of custom software solutions. While we analyze your business needs, industry, and requirements, our employees deliver a tailor made, cost-competitive, scalable, and robust solution for your business.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Basic, C++, C#)

  • Java

  • Database Management System (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle)

  • Server Side Scripting (Python, PHP)

  • Reporting and Dashboards

  • Operating Systems (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Unix, OS X)

Personalized Service

Any project requires continuos improvement and review to enable and support the objectives of the business. Our personalized services provide a direct channel to enhance communication and deliver custom solutions that increase efficiency, return of investment, and success of projects. We have experience working with small or large organizations and we adjust our processes to our customer's standards.